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Headphone hunting.. [Dec. 27th, 2006|01:55 am]
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I'm looking to replace my broken headphones with the Koss Pro3AA Stereophone model. (http://www.koss.com/koss/kossweb.nsf/p?OpenForm&pc^fs^PRO3AA)
I've browsed through previous posts and it seems like you know your headphones!

So, is this a good buy?

I make electronic music and really need to start mixing. I'm also a music fiend so I need something better than a pair of earbuds to listen to outside the house.

My previous pair were a KOSS Ur/29 and I was pretty disappointed with them.

Thanks in advance,


[User Picture]From: msondo
2006-12-27 09:30 pm (UTC)
I'm not as familiar with KOSS but I've never associated them in the ranks of "audiophile" headphones. I have, however, heard good things about some of their higher end models.

These seem comfortable and might be good for extended mixing sessions. I'd really try to get my paws on them and give them a good listen before settling on something that might disappoint you for years to come.

Amazon has a seemingly great deal on Sennheiser HD-280 Dynamic Headphones... I haven't heard these yet but I have heard a couple of models that were slightly substandard to these and they sounded worth at least $100. These Senns are only a few dollars more than what the KOSS phones would cost.

Hope this helps.
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